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Market Research

 Q3 2022 Outlook


August 2022 Report: Recessionary Risks for Ahead for Industrial Commodities

The deteriorating macro environment  becomes a headwind for industrial commodity demand.  Seasonal weakness and limited export capacity will drive US natural gas prices lower in September.  

 Q2 2022 Outlook

April 2022 Report: Russia/Ukraine War Impact on Commodities

The Russia/Ukraine war has significant ramifications in disrupting the supply of various commodities to consumers.  Europe's energy crisis drives diesel fuel prices to record levels.  

 Q1 2022 Outlook

January 2022 Report: Strong Macro Landscape Supports Bullish View Across Commodities

Improving macro outlook and tight fundamental balances support a bullish view across the entire commodity complex with the exception of precious metals where rising real interest rates remain a headwind.  

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