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Chamaeleo Capital Management is an alternative investment firm with deep expertise in managed futures, derivatives, and commodities.  We methodically capture investment opportunities by integrating state of the art technology and academic research with a robust risk management framework.  Chamaeleo is a CFTC-registered commodity pool operator with fund vehicles providing diversified exposure across energy, metals, softs, grains, livestock, and ESG related commodity sectors. 


Leadership Team

Chamaeleo's leadership team has an established track record of institutional portfolio management with cumulative trading and investment experience of more than 50 years across the entire commodity value chain. 

Rick Rhodes

Managing Principal & Chief Executive Officer

Heather Proctor 

Head of Trading & Chief Compliance Officer

Sukesh Pai 

Head of Quantitative Research


Chamaeleo’s quantitative approach is grounded in economic theory with an investment strategy that adapts to changes in the business cycle, sector evolution, and other market conditions.  Chamaeleo believes that during various stages of the economic cycle, some indicators outperform others, and this process evolves as markets change. Our strategy seeks to provide diversification and deliver strong performance even at times when conventional portfolios have their worst returns.  Our portfolio is tilted toward long exposure during inflationary periods and economic expansions.



Chamaeleo provides an entrepreneurial environment where highly motivated individuals with intellectual curiosity are rewarded.   To apply, please submit your curriculum vitae. 



Thank you for your interest in Chamaeleo.  We look forward to connecting with you.   

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